Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300m Calibre 5 Automatic Replica Watches: Cool Diving Watches With Chiselled Silhouette

It seems that the name “Tag Heuer” is always clinging to Carrera, as one of the most staple collections of the brand. But actually, not just the Carrera watches, Aquaracer models are also masterpieces that tell the reliable watchmaking of Tag Heuer. Different from the sportive design of watches in Carrera line, copy Tag Heuer Aquaracer watches keep much more simplisitic in style without compromising in function and performance. The first Aquaracer watch appeared in the early 1980s. With the passage of time, the Aquaracer collection has experienced evolutions both in design and function. The Aquaracer 300m Calibre 5 watches which was introduced in 2014 and its replica pieces led the latest dive watch trend.
Replica tag heuer aquaracer 300m calibre 5 automatic watches successfully become trend-setting items by reappearing the ingenious excellence of the original design. These Tag Heuer replica watches come with totally new case, bezel and dial. The stainless steel case measuring 40.5 mm alternates polished and brushed surfaces to give an unassuming sophisticated look. And the bezel of these Tag Heuer replica watches is also not something easy to finish. The bezel immediately catches audiences’ eyes with the squared-off and flat faceted design as well as the polished edge. What’s more, six studs and engraved Arabic numerals further embellish the bezel. To watch buyers who get tired of the classic rounded design, Such a chiselled look is perfect. However, the dial is where further underscores the unique charm of these Tag Heuer replica watches. Different from the pure ones from other replica Aquaracer watches, the dial of these new models feature the horizontal streak pattern. That is the way how these Tag Heuer replica watches interpret a minimalist but not empty style. Luminescent hour markers and hands are upgraded in detail to improve visibility as much as possible. The second sweeping hand is added with a triangle on the tiptop. Well, the tag heuer aquaracer 300m replica steel bracelet which completes the resoluted look of these Tag Heuer watches also plays an important part in these diving watches to guarantee great durability and resist the corrosion undersea.

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