Swiss Replica TAG Heuer Watches, You Also Like TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Concept Watch 2003?

Square TAG Heuer Monaco V4 Concept Watch Replica always adhere to the innovative design, at the 2004 Baselworld, the Monaco V4 debut, this watch is a master with the help of Philippe Dufour developed. Watch subvert the basic principles of watchmaking, the use of belts and ball bearings instead of the traditional gear and pinion.
In 2003,TAG Heuer Monaco watch replica has been redesigned, with seven rows of square steel link bracelet,once again become racing fans and collectors ‘s treasures, but also become the year’ s huge popular highlights, sought advanced custom brand and Hollywood star.

“V4” name comes from this movement’s four barrels, forming a V-shape, as racing supercharged engine cylinders. The name is also the inspiration for this movement to pay tribute, although tag heuer monaco v4 replica from the latest industrial design concept, but with the original Monaco, the real source of that high-tech world of high-performance racing engines. The emergence of this watch represents breakthrough technology for TAG Heuer, the real activation of the intrinsic value of this legendary Tag Heuer Replica Watches.

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