Best quality tudor black bay blue replica watch

The Best quality tudor black bay blue replica watch  is a “heritage” watch designed with cues from their watches of the 60’s and 70’s. Both come on either a steel bracelet or leather strap and include a NATO strap as well. The burgundy model that was released last year has more of a vintage feel with cream colored lume and a golden or “gilt” dial treatment. They have done a very good job with this as it works well. The new midnight blue model, released at Baselworld this past March, is slightly more modern with pure white lume and a matte black dial. I found the burgundy model on bracelet to be my favorite Black Bay, while the midnight blue is still very cool.


Something that is a minor detail but really speaks to the quality of Tudor watches.What I will admit was the biggest surprise of the night was the Tudor Pelagos. The dial design is very modern, almost futuristic, with bold hour markers and angled cutouts along the outer track. These bearings will not wear down like their metal counterparts and should last for many years. This was a watch I had never paid any mind to and, frankly, didn’t like at all. The Pelagos is now my favorite Tudor. As with most dive watches today, a rubber strap is also included. What Mike from Tudor pointed out to me on this watch is that they use ceramic bearings on their bracelet clasp. The tudor black bay blue replica watch may have found a spot on my list. This dive watch sports a titanium case and bracelet and a matte black ceramic bezel insert.

Tudor is very polarizing when comparing pictures to actually seeing the watch on your wrist. I’ve never gone from not liking a watch in pictures to loving it in real life the way I did when I went to New York last week. I think this is because Tudor’s watches are very classic and understated. The designs are familiar so they don’t jump out at you in pictures. It is when you see them on your wrist that you just “get it”. Even the watches from 2013, that I said I didn’t like, I am a fan of now.

This is a tudor replica watch I had really been looking forward to seeing in the metal and it delivered. My personal preference is for the traditional light brown strap, but the camo NATO strap that is also included is just flat out cool. And this brings us to the best part of the Ranger; its price. Depending on your strap choice, it will cost $2700-$2900. Hard to beat the value you get there.The other watch that debuted at the event was the Tudor Ranger. You also get an assortment of strap choices. It has a very simple and purposeful design that can work in almost any situation.

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