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Partnerships between watch brands and car manufacturers vary as much in quality and intensity as their rides. They go from the simple addition of a logo, to a complete fusion of the spirits of both brands and the objects they create. In the case of supercars, and particularly hypercars, the bar has been set very high, as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Bugatti demonstrate. Watchmakers have risen to the challenge, coming up with some truly exceptional watches.

The Aventador S is a yellow and grey rocket, developing 740 horsepower for a weight of a little over one and a half tonnes. Roger Dubuis, Lamborghini’s freshly anointed partner, drew inspiration from the car maker’s pioneering use of carbon fibre. The Excalibur Aventador S limited series, with its lateral struts, also reflects the external appearance of the 6.5 litre V12 engine.


Hypercar, hyperwatch

Excalibur Aventador S. © Roger Dubuis

McLaren doesn’t do ordinary. By transposing its half-century of racing expertise to the road, the British brand has created a stir over the last six years. Richard Mille saw how much they had in common, and launched the RM 50-03 McLaren F1. Collaboration between the two companies led to the development of a lighter and slimmer movement. The TPT carbon case includes graphene, an ultra-light and ultra-rigid material that McLaren uses for its cars’ chassis. 

There are a range of unique details on the watch that I like. As an example, you’ll discover a ruby crystal in one of the pushers (what I believe is to get the chronograph), in addition to a lapis lazuli backdrop for the moon phase indicator. The dial also needs to be amazingly three-dimensional in its physical appearance, and overall quite bold to behold.Roger Dubuis further states that for the man who purchases the Hommage Millesime view, they can create custom links for the 18k gold pocket watch series. These custom hyperlinks may have particular engravings on them or text. Once more, this piece special Roger Dubuis Hommage Millesime will exist as a one-of-a-kind production produced since the first of its type at a new series which will exist as a brand new “classic restoration project” each year. The Roger Dubuis Hommage Millesime pocket view will further be exclusively available in the Roger Dubuis boutique in Geneva (starting July 2015) and also the cost is $892,500. Founded in Monaco, the Only Watch 2013 auction was held and the results are in. The event is meant to raise money for a medical charity, to that 100% of the proceeds go. Every one of those watches filed are completely unique and contributed by the participating brands. People today get really interested in the outcomes, since it is not only a sign of the market when it comes to Monaco’s wealthy elite (and others), but in addition the interest people have in particular brands and versions. The total yield of Only Watch 2013 was 5,066,000 Euros (most of which is thanks to a single opinion).For 2013 there have been some major winners and losers. All the lots sold of class, with a few moving over quote, and some under estimate. The majority of the many nevertheless sold inside the estimated price, and those are not covered within this article. So let’s take a look at the significant winners and losers of the 2013 Just Watch auction. This article will only cover pick a lot, and also for a complete list of all of the watches which were up for auction you can see our original Just Watch 2013 article here.Scattered in this article and in the image gallery below are some images from Roger Dubuis’ 2012 ad campaign for your Excalibur collection. I really don’t understand who they hired with this along with other advertisements, but when I saw them I was like “whoa…!” Having a name like “Excalibur” it’s not surprising that they’d have a fantasy-style medieval strategy to the art for those ads.
Hypercar, hyperwatch

RM 50-03 McLaren © Richard Mille

Taking over from the Veyron and its many iterations, Bugatti continues to improve performance with the Chiron. The 1500 hp W16 engine is as extravagant as the interior is luxurious, powering this beast from 0 to 400 km/h in 32 seconds. Parmigiani, a partner of the Molsheim-based car builder for 13 years, is celebrating the birth of the Chiron with the Type 390. Its coaxial triangular barrel coupling system, articulated case angled at 12° and unconventional design make the Chiron watch every bit as extraordinary as its vehicular namesake.

Hypercar, hyperwatch

Bugatti Type 390 © Parmigiani

Ferrari spent a long time looking for exactly the right partner. By launching the Masterpiece MP-05 at the same time as the LaFerrari, Hublot showed it was quite capable of keeping up with the mechanical mayhem. Both brands have switched it up a gear. The Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph, designed by Ferrari’s own in-house design studio, has a case built on a lattice structure, and red accents that bring to mind the steering wheel of a Ferrari road car – which is a very nice machine indeed.

Hypercar, hyperwatch

Hublot Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph © Hublot

As we see, fantastically engineered watches, like cars, are capable of transporting enthusiasts into a parallel dimension. All it takes is sufficient technical and financial resources, designers who have been given free rein, and total immersion in the supercar spirit. Cars may remain the epitome of male fantasy, but watches aren’t far behind.

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